HPE Universal IoT Platform

Accelerate, simplify, and connect your Internet of Things

Solutions for Communications Service Providers
and Enterprise customers

With the HPE Universal IoT Platform customers acquire an industry, vertical, and client-agnostic solution with maximum scalability, modularity, and versatility. This enables customers to manage their IoT solutions and deliver value through monetizing the vast amount of data generated by connected devices and making it available to enterprise-specific applications. Further, use cases both within a vertical industry sector and across multiple others enable new business models and revenue streams.

On top of ubiquitous connectivity, the HPE Universal IoT Platform is common across all HPE IoT offerings and provides federation for device and service management, data acquisition, and exposure to applications. The platform provides agnostic support for smart ecosystems and can be deployed on premises as well as in any cloud environment for a comprehensive as-a-Service model.

The Platform makes it easy for Communications Service Providers (CSPs) and Enterprises to onboard new IoT use cases and rapidly achieve successful outcomes.


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HPE Partner Programs

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Key attributes of the HPE Universal IoT Platform

End-to-end data monetization chain

  • Offers a data-centric platform that helps manage and analyze collected data
  • Application enablement platform
  • oneM2M pre-defined use cases for quick iteration

One standard alignment, device vendor-independence, and protocol factory

  • Abstraction of underlining network
  • Ease of use for end developers

Simultaneously manage heterogeneous sets of millions of IoT sensors

  • Manage IoT gateways and devices, as well as sensors
  • Sensor-and-device agnostic
  • Scalability to millions of devices that can be managed

Reduce infrastructure costs with proven low TCO and high scalability

  • oneM2M standard compliance

Application designer and market place to create new service offerings

  • Application designer enables rapid IoT application development on web and mobile channels
  • API (Application Program Interface) monetization and API policy enforcement
  • Partner-oriented layer for securely managing partners and developers

Operate applications from different verticals with total security

  • oneM2M compliance
  • Able to deploy server IoT use cases per customer with specific privileges


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